Never Let a Tragedy Go To Waste: Politicizing Hurricane Sandy for “Climate Change” Agenda

November 26, 2012

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Brief History of Man-Altering the Climate

Dr. Spencer Weart, physicist and global warming advocate, explained that the argument in man’s ability to alter the climate began in 1896, when Swedish Scientist, Svante Arrhenius, claimed to have discovered that an increase of fossil fuel usage could raise the temperature of the earth.[1] In fact, until the 1970s; several scientists accepted the premise that the earth in fact was cooling, as opposed to warming due to the increase in cold weather.[2]

Prior to Svante’s theory of CO2 combustion, it was largely accepted in the scientific community that it was only possible for man to manipulate the water cycle; as opposed to any other natural patterns of weather. Just as most theories in science, the theory of global warming has endured its share of skeptics, and it has been proven to be inaccurate at times; however, the advocates for legislation to combat global warming are content with the theory.

The Misnomer of the Term ‘Climate Change’

As the science community has discovered over the course of history, the label of a product can at times, be more valuable than the product itself. As I stated earlier, there were some in the science community who embraced the idea of the earth cooling; as opposed to heating. As the pattern of cooling began to lessen after the 1970s, the revised arguments for global warming resurfaced to the front of scientific discussion.

In my opinion, one of the greatest fallacies of mislabeling has continued to occur with the term ‘climate change.’ Stop! Think! Commonsense! If one were to think of the actual term, ‘climate change,’ it simply identifies the patterns of weather that have occurred since the beginning of time. Does our climate not change from winter to spring? Does our climate not change from spring to summer? Does our climate not change from summer to fall? Does our climate not change from fall to winter?

When one thinks of the matter, whenever scientists in the 1970s used ‘global cooling’ as a concern to promote more environmental regulations, his or her research and theory would come under scrutiny if there lacked consistency in the climate actually cooling. With respect to warming, whenever scientists used ‘global warming’ as a promotion for environmental regulations; he or she would come under scrutiny if there lacked consistency in the climate actually warming on a consecutive basis.

I understand that I provide no scientific credentials; however, my observation is basic enough to understand that using the term ‘climate change’ is merely a safe and scientific approach to ensure a theory from being debunked based on its mislabeling.


Politics and Science

Between the 17th and early 20th century, the science community endorsed the concept of racial superiority versus inferiority, or more commonly known as ‘scientific racism;’ where it was largely believed that people of African descent were intellectually inferior to those of non-African descent. 17th century French scientist and early scholar of evolutionary theory, Georges Cuvier, held the accepted perception and belief that blacks were closest related to “the monkey tribes” and considered intellectually inferior.[1] French philosopher, Francois-Marie Arouet, better known as ‘Voltaire,’ mocked the deist position of being created in God’s image, by pointing out the “flat and black nose” and the belief of “hardly any intelligence” of Africans.[2] Science-backed observations have led to many inhumane policies in the United States such as: sterilization centers, the Tuskegee Syphilis Experiment, and even the justification for the continuance of slavery.

Days before the Presidential Election of 2012, New York City Mayor, Michael Bloomberg, publicly endorsed Barack Obama for President of the United States. When asked why he [Bloomberg] endorsed Obama, Bloomberg responded “I want our President to place scientific evidence and risk management above electoral politics.[3]” With the ‘Bloomberg Logic,’ one could argue that Confederate Vice-President, Alexander Stephens’ belief that “the Negro was not equal to the white man,[4]” was not a pointed statement of racial bigotry; after all, at the time of the statement, many scientists accepted the inferiority position of blacks based on scientific evidence. ‘Bloomberg Logic’ can be held true in regards to the classification of homosexuality as a mental disorder. At one time, it was scientifically factual to assert the concept of homosexuality being triggered by a mental malfunction of the brain.[1] Needless to say, American history has shown over the course of time that theories and beliefs change over time, and I caution the belief in financially combating an issue as skeptical as global warming with the American tax dollar.


The Point of the History Lesson

This opinion piece is not, nor will it ever be, to turn away from scientific research and discovery. After all, science is essential in the matter through which our civilization has progressed towards the future. My observation in this opinion piece merely suggests that even the most inaccurate of scientific theories, at one time, were held to be factual. In addition, my observation points out how politicized scientific theories can become by elected officials, for the sake of pandering for a vote. Scientifically speaking, I am wary of any politician who charges that his opponent wants “dirty air and water,[2]” simply because there is legitimate concern for spending tax dollars on bankrupting green agendas.[3]


Relevance of Hurricane Sandy

There is little doubt amongst the American people that Hurricane Sandy brutalized the east coast in one of the worst natural disasters of recorded history. Even as I write this opinion piece, there are still bodies being recovered and homes still without power, as a result of the recent hurricane.

The audacity of the Mayor of New York City, Michael Bloomberg, or any politician for that matter, to use such a tragic event for the sake of political endorsements; demonstrates one, of many, inconsistent traits of character seen by many of our elected officials on the very issue of global warming and climate change. The same Mayor, Michael Bloomberg, who endorsed a presidential candidate during the aftermath of a devastating hurricane, because he felt his candidate of choice was the better fit to “fight climate change;” is the same person who attempted to continue the traditional New York City Marathon using sixteen gas-powered generators, while thousands in New York City remained without power.


The Concluding Point

I make no reservation in stating that I am a global warming skeptic, nor do I make any reservation in stating a belief in absolutism; as opposed to the position of relativism. The argument is not based on my pedigree as a scholar; after all, my tax dollars, as well as many other non-scholar skeptics’ tax dollars, are being used to fight a superficial war against what I believe is a very skeptical foe.

Beth Shapiro, Associate Professor of Biology at Penn State University, spoke of the natural cycles of the earth cooling and warming during the interglacial periods “in which, the climate is similar to what we have today.[1]” Professor Shapiro, along with other experts in the biology field, recognize natural patterns of shifting in the earth’s climate over millenniums; however, many are still determined to give a causation of the matter to man’s inventions or initiatives. It is possible, and likely, that Hurricane Sandy; despite what has been alleged by agenda based groups and politicians who advocate for a “green agenda,” was not the result of man-causation, but rather, a natural disaster that naturally occurred.


By: Melvin D. Whitlock

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